MRS Spring Meeting, Apr 06 - 10, 2015, San Francisco, USA

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MRS Spring Meeting, Apr 06 - 10, 2015, San Francisco, California

2015 MRS Spring Meeting, Apr 06 - 10, 2015, San Francisco, California


Meeting Chairs: Artur Braun, Hongyou Fan, Ken Haenen, Lia Stanciu, Jeremy A. Theil



  • Symposium A—Emerging Silicon Science and Technology
  • Symposium B—Thin-Film Compound Semiconductor Photovoltaics
  • Symposium C—Perovskite Solar Cells
  • Symposium D—Organic-Based Photovoltaics
  • Symposium E—Advanced Solar Cells─Components to Systems
  • Symposium F—Biohybrid Solar Cells─Photosynthesis-Based Photovoltaics and Photocatalytic Solar Cells
  • Symposium G—Next Generation Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Systems─Synthesis, Processing, Characterization and Manufacturing
  • Symposium H—Mechanics of Energy Storage and Conversion─Batteries, Thermoelectrics and Fuel Cells
  • Symposium I—High Capacity Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Symposium J—Latest Advances in Solar Water Splitting
  • Symposium K—The Development of Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) and Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) Materials in Energy Storage and Conversion Systems


  • Symposium L—Bioinspired Micro- and Nano-Machines─Challenges and Perspectives
  • Symposium M—Nanoscale Heat Transport─From Fundamentals to Devices
  • Symposium N—From Molecules to Colloidal Compound Semiconductor Nanocrystals─Advances in Mechanism-Enabled Design and Syntheses
  • Symposium O—Emerging Non-Graphene 2D Materials
  • Symposium P—Nanogenerators and Piezotronics
  • Symposium Q—Externally Actuated Responsive Nanomaterials─Design, Synthesis, Applications and Challenges
  • Symposium R—Photoactive Nanoparticles and Nanostructures
  • Symposium S—Semiconductor Nanowires and Devices for Advanced Applications
  • Symposium T—Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

Electronics and Photonics

  • Symposium U—The Interplay of Structure and Carrier Dynamics in Energy-Relevant Nanomaterials
  • Symposium V—Resonant Optics─Fundamentals and Applications
  • Symposium W—Light-Matter Processes in Molecular Systems and Devices
  • Symposium Y—Phase-Change Materials for Data Storage, Cognitive Processing and Photonics Applications
  • Symposium Z—Plasmonics and Metamaterials─Synthesis, Characterization and Integration
  • Symposium AA—Materials for Beyond the Roadmap Devices in Logic, Power and Memory
  • Symposium BB—Innovative Interconnects/Electrodes for Advanced Devices, Flexible and Green-Energy Electronics
  • Symposium CC—Reliability and Materials Issues of Semiconductors─Optical and Electron Devices and Materials III
  • Symposium DD—Tailored Disorder─Novel Materials for Advanced Optics and Photonics
  • Symposium EE—Quantum Photonics, Information Technology and Sensing
  • Symposium FF—Defects in Semiconductors─Relationship to Optoelectronic Properties

Soft- and Biomaterials

  • Symposium GG—Foundations of Bio/Nano Interfaces─Synthesis, Modeling, Design Principles and Applications
  • Symposium HH—Supramolecular Materials─Assembly and Dynamics
  • Symposium II—Organic Bioelectronics─Materials, Processes and Applications
  • Symposium JJ—Exploiting Bioinspired Self-Assembly for the Design of Functional and Responsive Materials
  • Symposium KK—Nanomaterials in Translational Medicine
  • Symposium LL—Soft Electronics─From Electronic Skin to Reliable Neural Interfaces
  • Symposium MM—Crystal Engineering─Design, New Materials and Applications

General - Fabrication and Characterization

  • Symposium NN—Adaptive Architecture and Programmable Matter─Next Generation Building Skins and Systems from Nano to Macro
  • Symposium OO—Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon and Other Semiconductors
  • Symposium PP—Gold-Based Materials and Applications
  • Symposium QQ—Plasma-Based Materials Science and Engineering
  • Symposium RR—Solution Syntheses of Inorganic Functional/Multifunctional Materials
  • Symposium SS—Oxide Thin Films and Nanostructures for Advanced Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Applications
  • Symposium TT—Metal Oxides─From Advanced Fabrication and Interfaces to Energy and Sensing Applications
  • Symposium UU—Titanium Oxides─From Fundamental Understanding to Applications
  • Symposium VV—Science and Technology of Superconducting Materials
  • Symposium WW—Ultrafast Dynamics in Complex Functional Materials
  • Symposium XX—Multiscale Modeling and Experiments on Microstructural Evolution in Nuclear Materials
  • Symposium YY—Insights for Energy Materials Using In-Situ Characterization
  • Symposium ZZ—Materials Information Using Novel Techniques in Electron Microscopy


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