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Better membranes for drinking water

ID: F1509-04

Clean, usable water is at threat from the increasing incidence of hazardous substances in water supplies, threatening general public wellness and the environment. Novel nano-structured membranes are therefore being created by EU-funded scientists to combat the bioaccumulation of heavy metals, the emergence of multi-drug resistant organisms and metal-related diseases. Chronic exposure to hefty metals and drugs from the mining, pharmaceutical and wellness treatment sectors can be toxic to living cells and induce disease processes. A new generation of low-fouling, nano-structured filtration membranes using smart materials may be just around the part. Experts working are developing technology to boost the percentage of potable water in developing and industrialised nations. The three-layer hybrid membrane will have an anti-fouling pre-filter made of polymeric nanofibres, a smart cleaning system employing piezoelectric crystals and a highly selective, nano-structured ceramic membrane. Together, these enhancements will enable the treatment of heavy metals, data recovery of valuable metals and catalytic degradation of toxic compounds. This should find application in the mining industry and pharmaceutical sector as well as in hospitals and geriatric treatment services. One benefit of the idea is that each component may be considered as a separate device. They can be effortlessly combined to supply tailor-made solutions for the certain needs demanded by different water remediation processes. The production procedure for the new filters will be scaled up to industrial level for treating in situ effluents. The advantages of the nanomaterial-based membranes will be carried with respect to water filtration efficiency and economic and environmental impacts. The project will offer a toolbox for fabricating prototype multifunctional membranes for industrial wastewater therapy; it'll concentrate on three industrial programs. These range from the treatment of heavy metals from acid mine drainage water and valuable metals from the chemical and mining industry. They will additionally be used in the catalytic degradation of toxic drugs and metabolites from the pharmaceutical sector and hospitals and nursing houses.



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